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    Our Prep curriculum is a play based program filled with discovery, learning and fun.

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    I’m confident in having my kids at Freshwater Christian College because I know that it’s a beautiful environment and because my kids are loved and nurtured and their individuality is respected.

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    Prep Info Session

    Reserve your place at our Prep Info Session on the 9th of May

    Join us on July 23rd and meet with our Principal & key team as we share our vision for our Prep 2020 students. Learn about all areas of our play-based curriculum including our strong values-based programs. Dinner is provided and also free childminding. Book your place today.

    23rd of July 5.30pm – 7.00pm ~ FREE Dinner & Childminding

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    More Than Just Prep

    Prep is where the sheer joy in learning is discovered. We begin by focusing on investigating, understanding and effective problem-solving skills. Our preps engage in activities that start to develop early writing, reading and mathematical skills. Foundational work in English (with a strong focus on phonetic awareness) and Mathematics are introduced after this to develop the skills necessary for a smooth entry into Year One.

    At this level of early childhood development, it is important that our program is flexible so that we can cater for the needs of the children individually and as a group. Social skills (sharing and caring for others) and role-play are encouraged as an important part of learning. We encourage our Preps to be active learners through play and hands-on activities that develop their basic skills.

    What sets us apart at freshwater:

    • Caring teachers & aides
    • Play based curriculum approach
    • Strong focus on the individual child
    • Wellbeing support & strong anti-bullying policy
    • Parental involvement encouraged

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