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    I would like to thank the college for all they have done over the past 20 years. Your level of love and support was way beyond what any one would expect from a school and its faculty. The Principal bent over backwards year after year to keep our kids at that school doing everything humanly possible to help our family. I would not hesitate to tell anyone of the goodness and integrity of the school as a whole and feel blessed that our family was and still is part of the Freshwater school community.


    A Community That Cares

    Here at Freshwater Christian College, we believe in the uniqueness of every individual within our community. We exist to provide a safe and empowered learning environment that nurtures caring relationships. We know God to be our loving creator who made each of us unique and of infinite worth and value.

    Our Pastoral Care team is committed to ensuring that each student is given the support they need for their spiritual, social, psychological and emotional wellbeing. We provide
 a nurturing environment where every student is free to learn without threat or interruption. Our College staff provide all students with the support needed to empower them to overcome inappropriate or harmful behaviours.

    We have dedicated staff that are employed to provide year level pastoral care, including qualified counselling services, to assist our students as appropriate.

    At Freshwater we have a holistic approach to building resilience and promoting positive mental and emotional health. All year levels from Prep through Year 12. participate in the My Life Rulz program which works to build emotional resilience in student’s lives.

    We also aim to empower students to develop a stronger relationship with God, their parents, teachers and peers, and come to a full revelation of their identity in Christ.

    Our College Chaplain also provides pastoral care and support to parents and families as well as staff and students, within the College community.

    In addition, we offer parents support and tools through our Wonder of Living Parenting program which runs throughout the school year. This course provides parents with the opportunity to up-skill and develop their parenting skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

    Our College community, both students and staff alike, share in their responsibility to take care of one another. Our students are encouraged to be aware of the needs of others and are taught to show love and compassion for their fellow students. Following the ‘Golden Rule’, to ‘treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’ (Matthew 7:12).

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