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    Welcome to 2019

    A very warm welcome to the 2019 academic year at Freshwater Christian College. I hope that you and your family had a lovely Christmas and that the New Year has started smoothly for you; I pray that you will enjoy a prosperous and productive year ahead.

    The College staff have been very busy over the past two weeks in preparation for today’s big start to the year, we are all very excited to be welcoming the children back to the College and, in the case of the Preps, to their very first day of school!

    It is a privilege to be involved in partnering with you, our parents, as we continue our mission together to empower your children to develop … Read the rest

    Freshwater Christian College Year 2
    Flexible Learning & Seating a success

    Flexible Seating in Year 2

    In Year 2, Term 4 has started with some exciting changes. Where once there was a wall, there is a wall no more. This means the wall that separated our learning space has been removed leaving a beautiful big learning space for all of Year 2. We have introduced flexible seating and learning environments whereby students can experiment and find out which seating alternative helps them be the best learner that they can be.

    Don’t just take our word for it…. read below what the students are saying:

    “I like the standing up table. I like using the wobbly things to stand on.” – Florence

    “I like moving around the room. When I get something Read the rest

    Freshwater Christian College Year 2 Bush Kindergarten
    Why Bush Kindy?

    What is Bush Kindy?

    Bush Kindy is located in our natural environments within our College away from the education and care service and provides valuable opportunities for children to explore the natural environment and to extend the educational program.

    Why implement Bush Kindy?

    This approach comes out of significant international research, initially in European countries and now spreading throughout the world, highlighting the importance and value of nature play for children’s health, well-being and development (Faber-Taylor & Kuo, 2008; Lester & Maudsley, 2006; Munoz, 2009).

    A key element of this initiative is that children engage in regular, extended periods of unstructured play in natural environments. The research has discovered that children experiencing weather fluctuations, creating their own play with the … Read the rest

    Planning for the Future

    Continuous improvement was a familiar phrase in my former career as an engineer, the concept continues to be a basic given in the world of design and manufacture.  We are reminded that God is the originator of renewal and growth; for it is through an ongoing process of continual development that we are able to mature and develop into the people of character, wisdom and skill who God purposed and created us to be, this is reflected in 2 Corinthians 3:18:

    ‘…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory…’

    If our school is to continue to provide the … Read the rest

    Be Our Guest: Musical set to wow!

    The heart-warming production of “Beauty and the Beast” is very unique, standing apart from all other Disney hits. The storyline teaches us to love with our hearts rather than our eyes as Belle falls in love with Beast because of who he is on the inside. This love breaks the spell and transforms the Beast into a handsome prince (teaching us not to judge people by their size, race or hair colour).


    The storyline breaks down a stereotypical “Prince saves the girl” theme, making Belle the heroine and demonstrating that girls can also be strong, fearless and different from others just like Belle. This upcoming musical production will enchant and enthral all viewers telling the compelling story using drama, … Read the rest

    Reef Excursion

    Year 10 Reef Excursion

    Written by Stella Porta (student)

    Picture this: you’re snorkelling with friends, and as you look into the water, you see vibrant coral on the edge of deep chasms with colourful fish swimming around… and then, you spot a turtle calmly swimming at the depths.

    The Great Barrier Reef is evidence that God is an artist. The natural wonder brings people together and supports Cairns with tourism. On Thursday, 30th of August, the excited Year 10 cohort ventured out to Moore reef with Reef Magic cruises for the day. The trip was part of the geography unit about environmental change to the reef. The media has a lot to say about this, but we were blessed … Read the rest

    God’s Workmanship

    I appreciate the following quote from the American author Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you work out why”. It implies that every human life has deep significance and purpose. Ephesians 2:10 is helpful in developing this thought: For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”. The Bible teaches that we are all infinitely valuable, unique in our complexity, designed and crafted by God! (Jeremiah 1:5, Timothy 1:9) Furthermore, God has hard-wired into all humans the incredible potential to add value to this world.

    Luke 11:2-4, Read the rest

    Drought Relief Support

    With the ongoing drought throughout Australia, our farmers are doing it tough. Freshwater Church has started Freshwater Care which will be taking donated goods to support the families of our farmers. We as a College are doing our bit in support as well.

    Our Secondary teacher, Mr Woolfield, has offered to have his beard shaved off if we raise over $2000, and while it is a fine beard indeed, it’s time for it to go! Who knows what Mr Woolfield might look like under that beard? All families in the College can donate money to support our farmers (and see the beard go!) via either the Primary Office, Secondary Office or Form Class teachers. We will also be having a … Read the rest

    My Life Rulz
    Real Life Connections

    We have thoroughly enjoyed connecting and teaching more tools for parenting with our College parents this year. We are about to complete our third parenting course for this year and it has been a joy to see parents connect, grow, and obtain new insight into the challenging task of parenting.

    We become parents with enthusiasm and optimising oozing from our pores, and we look forward to times of tenderness, shared joys, hugs and encouragement, but the joy of parenting is often not these things. It is loaded with tantrums, continual mess, arguments, and disappointments. For some, it can feel like a never-ending nightmare.

    In today’s world children are forced to grow up faster, and they need to learn to cope … Read the rest

    Chess Tournament Success

    On Thursday 23rd August, our college had 38 students participate in the third and final Regional Chess Tournament for Far North Qld. It was the highest participation for any FNQ tournament in history with 373 students in primary and secondary involved.

    Our students played seven games during the whole day and displayed great skill and sportsmanship.

    Many students participated for the first time and all gained valuable experience and learned how to improve in their chess playing.

    This is always an opportunity to provide our students with experience playing against other students from various schools in the district and all we ask is for everyone to do their personal best and to learn something from the process.

    I was

    Read the rest