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  • Minimum Device Requirements

    Purchasing Devices

    Purchasing Your Laptop

    HP (Hewlett-Packard) are our preferred supplier for 2019.

    Freshwater Christian College has partnered with HP to provide a purchasing portal of devices that will meet the needs of our students. All HP products bought through the portal carry a 3 Year Warranty with the option to purchase Accidental Damage Protection for a low cost. Parents and students are free to purchase their laptop from any retailer or other sales so long as the devices meet our Preferred Device Specifications (as seen below).

    Always consider that the laptops will be travelling to, around and from school. We strongly recommend a 3 Year warranty with Accidental Damage Protection for the ‘uh-oh’ moments that are often bound to occur.

    The HP Portal can be found here: www.hpshopping.com.au/freshwater

    Preferred Device Specifications

    While we currently do not require any particular device, we do prefer certain types in order to make appropriate use of all of our tools.

    Minimum Specifications

    Operating System: Windows 10 or latest Apple MacOS (note: not a mobile OS)

    Processor: Minimum i3/Pentium or equivalent. Students studying media or technology intensive, or looking for additional longevity, subjects are recommended to purchase i5 or equivalent.

    RAM: Minimum 4Gb. Senior year levels may wish for at least 8Gb

    Storage: Minimum 128Gb storage. Beware eMMC storage which is not upgradable or repairable.

    Touchscreen is preferred (Windows 10) with stylus in order to more naturally work with their digital works.