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    The Great Wheelbarrow Race 2019

    The Great Wheelbarrow Race 2019

    143kms. 3 days. 10 mates. 1 wheelbarrow. An unforgettable weekend.

    May 17th – 19th marked the Great Wheelbarrow Race 2019, and as per annual tradition, the FCC Roadrunner team was revved and ready to run.

    After months of physical training and preparation, our team of ten eager grade 12 students made their way to Mareeba to begin the three-day challenge of running with a wheelbarrow across vast expanses of scorching dirt and gravel roads.

    Despite the festival vibes and excited moods of all involved, we couldn’t help but start to feel our stomachs clenching with anticipation. Before we knew it, we were off. Falls, scrapes and muscle pain became the norm as we continued to press on, step after step, kilometre after kilometre. 

    As the pain we felt enveloping our bodies became more and more fierce, the strength of our minds, along with the solid team spirit of encouragement and mateship helped overcome the constant desire to just collapse and go to sleep. The consistent love and support the team members showed to one another inspired all to keep fighting the good fight.

    Although the road was long, the heat immense, and our injuries increasing, the courage and perseverance seen through each runner far outweighed any doubt in our minds. And as we crossed the line together as a whole, the joy and relief flowed out of each of us. Tears were shed and smiles became contagious.

    Over the course of the three days, we grew stronger as a team and closer as a family. Though we all benefitted and grew greatly from the event, as we reflect, we are so grateful for having had the opportunity to partake in an event which aided a cause far greater than ourselves. The true reason we ran that insanely long distance and put in so much of our time and energy was to support the Three Angels Nepal. A charity which is so close to our heats, as well as our school as a whole. We were not running for our own glory or achievement, but rather we ran for the girls and women in Nepal, who are in desperate need of freedom from the sex trafficking industry that they are trapped in. It was an honour to be able to support such a worthy cause, and we pray that our contributions and funds raised go towards the saving of souls who lives are so valued and worthy.

    Mollie Kammermann and Amy Hang

    Grade 12 Students