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    The ‘Breakfast of Champions’

    Written by Mr Doug Holtam, College Principal

    Ken Blanchard, author of several books, including ‘The one Minute Manager’, famously quotes that, “feedback is the breakfast of champions”. As an Engineer, I was introduced to the notion of ‘continuous improvement cycles’; this simple idea revolves around building a step-by-step improvement culture. 

    Collecting feedback is a great starting point for understanding what may need to be improved. Hence the reason why we send out surveys to parents. I also value the opportunity to engage in group discussion with our parents to discuss how we can continue to develop the College. My thanks to the parents who attended the latest Parent Forum on 26 August. 

    Around a quarter of our parents responded to the survey, this is a good sample size. Below, I have detailed, in graphical format, a summary of the responses to the four questions within the survey. I have taken the top ten responses for each question and/or items that were represented by at least two or more people. For each chart, I have added bulleted ‘action’  comments that I’m sure you will find encouraging

    -I am encouraged that parents rate our safe and nurturing environment and teachers so highly.  We are actively seeking to ensure that we continue to develop these priority areas further, through ongoing professional learning and other programs. Our updated College Development Plan will be launched next year and will include a clear focus on the continued development and promotion of community wellbeing and the building of resilience. 

    • Tuition fees for the 2021 calendar year are currently under review in light of the Pandemic. Further updates on this will be communicated soon. 
    • We are planning to introduce a range of College Scholarships for 2021. More information on this will be available early next Term. 
    • I am pleased to announce that the Uniform Shop opening hours have been extended. 
    • Sporting activities this year have been affected by the Pandemic, we are hoping to resume our usual full and varied sports program in 2021.
    • The car parking arrangements are regularly reviewed and will be explored again in 2021.
    • Please refer to our Senior School Handbook for more information regarding the Senior (Year 11 & 12) subjects on offer at FCC. I think you’ll find the range of subjects is much wider than you might think. 
    • We are currently reviewing our student induction processes in order that all students are empowered to make the best possible start at FCC. 
    • At the recent Parent Forum, we heard more about the College’s need to streamline communication in order that parents with larger families do not receive excessive amounts of emailed information. We are actively working on this. 
    • I am encouraged that there are few things parents feel we should cease doing. 
    • Homework is an integral part of the curriculum. There is a substantial body of research underlining the importance and significance of homework in solidifying student learning through consolidation of understanding. We will monitor our homework expectations in order that it continues to serve its purpose well. 
    • The new Behaviour management system has only recently been launched. We are currently working through the typical teething problems we encounter with anything new. The Policy is designed to promote an orderly, respectful and safe learning environment that empowers every student to flourish and thrive. 
    • The Uniform Advisory Group met earlier this year; their work has led to the introduction of a new, lighter, girls blouse to be introduced next year. Other improvements will also be introduced next year. 
    • College communication between the College and home, as detailed above, is currently under review. 
    • Alana Okumu (Marketing and Communications Officer) and I are working with our parent representatives to organise some social get-togethers before the end of the year. Details regarding the events will be sent out in due course.