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    Showing Kindness in Year Two

    Written by Mrs Natasha Puddle // Year Two Teacher

    In Year Two we have been talking about the fact that we are so blessed to be a part of so many communities, like our family, our classroom, our school community, our sports communities, our church communities, and the wider Cairns community.  I am sure that I haven’t listed them all, but the point is, that being a part of a strong community, one that loves, cares and encourages one another is important.  

    Year 2 shared the love recently with our school community.  We gave out little encouragement cards (with lollies of course ☺), to encourage the staff at Freshwater Christian College.  The Year 2 Team (parents included), also blessed the sensational Maintenance Team with a surprise morning tea. We have also been collecting for Ruth’s Women’s Shelter, as we wanted to support the wider Cairns community as well.  

    The amazing thing that Year Two’s discovered is that they didn’t have to get lollies to feel good, that the feeling good part came from the giving itself.  We can fill our own buckets by building up, caring and encouraging others.  In this busy season, where patience often wears thin, and tiredness starts to overwhelm, can I encourage you to dig deep and show kindness?  We never know what people are going through, and a kind word, a smile or a cup of coffee can make somebody’s day.  It also creates ripples that flow on and out into our communities.