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    Real Life Connections

    We have thoroughly enjoyed connecting and teaching more tools for parenting with our College parents this year. We are about to complete our third parenting course for this year and it has been a joy to see parents connect, grow, and obtain new insight into the challenging task of parenting.

    We become parents with enthusiasm and optimising oozing from our pores, and we look forward to times of tenderness, shared joys, hugs and encouragement, but the joy of parenting is often not these things. It is loaded with tantrums, continual mess, arguments, and disappointments. For some, it can feel like a never-ending nightmare.

    In today’s world children are forced to grow up faster, and they need to learn to cope with the tremendous challenge and pressures of contemporary life.

    Emotional resilience is essential for our children to thrive in a world that is not always easy.

    Parents must, therefore, learn to use different techniques with kids who live in today’s complex, rapidly changing world.

    Real Life Connections parenting course offers new tools and insight into teaching our children to handle themselves no matter what is going on around them. The course is packed with amazing content, with teaching, videos, group discussions and pizza and childminding! The parenting course will run for 3 terms each year and is a wonderful way to connect with the Pastoral care team here at the College, other parents, and to grow your toolbox of parenting skills.


    Please feel free to contact the Growth and Support department, should you desire to grow your parenting skills and toolkit and obtain support for what is often a challenging but wonderful task.