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    QSITE Robotics Grandprix Winners!

    Written by Hugo Lawler // Primary Vice-Captain

    On the 14th of September 2019, the Freshwater Robotics Team competed in the QSITE Robotics Grandprix Competition. For the whole third term, we engineered and crafted our own robots to ZOOM past opposing robots and the clock, either on long, vast stretches of drag racing track or on a challenging circular track complete with tight and tricky turns. We needed hot speed and cool control. Luckily we had both!

    There were two race types in this round of competition. They were: Racer – to race around a circular course, and Dragster – to race down a straight track. Both of these race types consisted of a versus (against a competitor) and a time trial (against the clock) in order to gain points. 

    In the Racer competition, we used a Bluetooth controlled iPad, similar to racing a radio-controlled car. This competition would be for people who want to develop in controlling skills. In the other competition, Dragster, we had to engineer an efficient dragster to race down a track.

    Now for the challenges of the competition. In Racer, sometimes the robot could turn quite sharply, the controller app could not work well, and sometimes the course could prove too tricky to navigate. In Dragster, the design or the programming could be faulty.

    Despite all these challenges, the Freshwater Christian College Robotics Club was victorious in both drag racing and circuit competitions. It took hours of hard work, preparations and FUN!

     Starting robotics early in life is a rock-hard foundation for the future if you are interested in engineering and design. We are looking for more people to be involved, who are interested.

    As the founding member, I would like to thank Mr Matson and all of the QSITE members for volunteering their own time, and inspiring children in FNQ.  We will be in the HCIC during Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime, doing robotics. Please come and join in!

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