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    Primary goes Purple for Epilepsy

    We are proudly supporting Purple Day, Epilepsy Qld’s biggest fundraiser. One of our Prep students, Natalie suffers uncontrolled epilepsy. We, as a school have gotten behind Natalie and her family, both fundraising, and more importantly raising awareness of what it means to live with Epilepsy.

    “For Natalie, who was diagnosed at 2.5 years old, epilepsy affects us daily. We start the day with 8 different medications, we are in the process of changing the types of food we eat, as recent studies suggest diets high in good fats, can improve brain functions. We are constantly on the look out for little seizures which can send Nat off balance, and result in some spectacular falls. We finish our day with 5 different medications, before making sure we are in bed nice and early, as fatigue is a recognised seizure trigger.

    Natalie is a mischievous, stubborn, loveable little girl, who is embracing life to the fullest, and loves being at Prep, and particularly enjoys being with her special helper, Mrs Smith” – Sally Morse (Natalie’s mother)

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