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    Online Learning, at Teachers perspective

    Let’s be honest! Online learning is not the same as being on Campus and we definitely missed seeing everyone daily. At Freshwater Christian College however we like to find the best thing in every situation so this week we would like to celebrate all the things we have enjoyed most about online learning.

    online learning
    “I have really enjoyed learning new skills”
    Mrs Racheal Berry
    online learning cairns
    “I have really loved seeing the new creative ways my students have tackled their tasks with”
    Mrs Lydia Shioya










    online learning cairns
    “When it comes to online learning, al the social chatter is filtered. We can focus on one job and that’s teaching and learning.”
    Mr George Litsberger
    online learning cairns
    “I am enjoying the different style of engagement with students”
    Miss Sarah Hill-Murray











    online learning cairns
    “I love that I still get to hear from my children. I miss them so very much and it lights up my world to see them growing and learning and sending me pictures and videos. They are true superstars!
    Mrs Natasha Puddle
    online learning cairns
    “My classroom is always tidy, if a student speaks out of turn I can hit mute and students can hit replay on the video rather than asking me to repeat myself”
    Mr David Woolfield