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    In the garden with Kindy Kids

    This time of year in tropical North Queensland is a great time to hit the garden and grow some fresh fruit and vegetables. In Kindy, it’s no different. Our Kindy Kids love to get amongst the garden and experience what it’s like to diligently care and water our plants. As harvest season approached we had some eager kids ready to get their hands dirty!

    Recently some of the Kindy kids at Freshwater Christian Kindergarten harvested our garden. After gathering up our scrumptious produce, it was off to the kitchen to figure out what we could make with our harvest.

    Nutritious fun with many great benefits

    Getting our children into the garden and then into the kitchen has many great benefits:

    • Encourages healthy eating

    The best part about cooking and preparing food is taste testing! Many parents can appreciate how difficult it can be at times to introduce new foods and tastes. Getting children into the garden is a fantastic opportunity to try new things in a fun and explorative environment.

    • Introduces children to basic science

    Gardening and cooking is an exciting time for our children. Most children will naturally get inquisitive and want to know more about each process. During these activities, the basics of science are introduced in a variety of areas – biology, botany, chemistry plus more! This is a great time to ask your own questions to encourage learning. As we build on their interest our children will learn many new concepts.

    • Enhances fine motor development

    Digging, watering, preparing food – in each activity, our children grow in their confidence, strength and control. These skills will ultimately help them with school activities such as writing.

    We are glad to report our Kindy Kids reaped a fantastic harvest, with a little milk and ice cream our strawberries went down a treat in our Strawberry Milkshakes!

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