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    Flexible Learning & Seating a success

    Flexible Seating in Year 2

    In Year 2, Term 4 has started with some exciting changes. Where once there was a wall, there is a wall no more. This means the wall that separated our learning space has been removed leaving a beautiful big learning space for all of Year 2. We have introduced flexible seating and learning environments whereby students can experiment and find out which seating alternative helps them be the best learner that they can be.

    Don’t just take our word for it…. read below what the students are saying:

    “I like the standing up table. I like using the wobbly things to stand on.” – Florence

    “I like moving around the room. When I get something that might distract us on one table we can move to a different table to learn better. We can find different places to learn on comfortable seats that help up learn better.” – Aroha

    “I like how we can move around the room and we can still sit next to our friends but I like the sitting table the best out of all the tables.” – Ellyanna

    “I like that there’s more room in the classroom and we can move around and learn with other people.” – Lenis

    “I like the teachers – because there’s more and they can help us a lot.” Eli

    “I like the blurt beans because when you get to the top you get a pizza party.” – Rhys

    The teachers have enjoyed a more collaborative partnership in their approach to teaching. This enables us to provide more targeted and differentiated teaching practices. Double the teaching power = double the fun!