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    Drought Relief Support

    With the ongoing drought throughout Australia, our farmers are doing it tough. Freshwater Church has started Freshwater Care which will be taking donated goods to support the families of our farmers. We as a College are doing our bit in support as well.

    Our Secondary teacher, Mr Woolfield, has offered to have his beard shaved off if we raise over $2000, and while it is a fine beard indeed, it’s time for it to go! Who knows what Mr Woolfield might look like under that beard? All families in the College can donate money to support our farmers (and see the beard go!) via either the Primary Office, Secondary Office or Form Class teachers. We will also be having a Free Dress Day on Thursday 20 September for a gold coin donation which will go towards supporting the farmers and freeing Mr Woolfield from his beard.

    Donations of items are also being taken in which will be delivered via Freshwater Care. Items you might like to consider include toys or other items for Christmas presents, non-perishable food items or men’s and women’s toiletries. Donated goods can be delivered to the Primary or Secondary Offices which will then go with Freshwater Care directly to the farmers.

    For more information about Freshwater Care, visit: http://www.freshwatercare.com/farmers.html