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    College Captain’s Address for 2020


    We are both extremely grateful and humbled to accept the position of College Captains for 2020. We know that fulfilling these roles are not something we can do in our own strength but instead, we are relying on God’s strength, the continued help and support from the College Prefects as well as the entire grade twelve cohort. We believe strongly in servant leadership, as set by the example of Jesus, and this is something we can all do – be an example for our peers, to the grades below us and to the people who look up to us. In the Bible, in Deuteronomy, it says that with God, one person can put a thousand to flight, but that two people can put ten thousand to flight. It is on this basis that we do not want to lead from a distance, but instead work as a whole assembly. Individually, we have the potential to achieve great change, but all of us working together as one body has the potential to achieve extraordinary change for our College.

    Reflecting back upon past years at this College, through the difficult moments and the times some would wish to forget, it was always the influence that Jesus had through the people around us that kept us afloat, and even more than that, allowed us to thrive and become the person we both are today. For this reason, we are passionate that 2020 will be the year that our students form bonds with each other that will allow them to feel loved and supported every day. We have all heard the verse from Matthew that states ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, and this year, we believe that loving one another is fundamental in strengthening the unity of our College family. Like walking without thinking about what we are doing, our love for one another should also become like second nature. God’s love shows us that love shouldn’t be self-centred, but others-centred, not self-serving but others serving, and not selfish, but selfless. It is on these foundations that positive relationships are built, and like a flower is watered to keep it nourished, so shall our relationships be with love.

     As we journey through this year, we are striving to provide these opportunities for supportive, faith-building – personal relationships to continuously grow and flourish, and for our connection with God to be strengthened. We believe that the days of ‘fitting in with the crowd’ are behind us, and instead, we aim for every student to be able to find a sense of belonging as a unique individual within our community.

     It is with great honour that we take on the role of your College Captains for 2020, and we ask you to join us and our fellow grade twelve cohort as we endeavour to create extraordinary change. 


    Pearl Perry & Judah Greig

    College Captains 2020