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    Benefits of Dramatic Play

    Written by Belinda Raine / Kindergarten Director

    In Kindergarten our Frogs class has shown an interest in dramatic play, and have set up a Hairdressing Salon.  Our students designed how to set up the Salon; made the signage and price list, and then took on different roles, hairdressers, clients; and of course the all-important cashier.

    Benefits of Dramatic Play

    • Enables children to draw on past information and experiences to solve problems
    • Helps children identify solutions to problems that arise during play
    • Assists children in identifying and planning play episodes with others
    • Encourages children to explore and build skills such as problem-solving, imagination, creativity, negotiating, organising and planning, retelling stories
    • Allows children to apply prior and new knowledge, skills and understandings in personally meaningful ways
    • Facilitates children to develop social skills including sharing, negotiating, collaboration and increases the sense of autonomy and confidence in the learning environment
    • Build is communication skills and vocabulary

    Links to the five Queensland Kindergarten Learning Outcomes:


    • 1.2 increasing independence and perseverance
    • 1.3 building confident self-identity


    • 2.1 Building positive relationships with others
    • 2.2 Shows increasing respect for diversity
    • 2.3 shows increasing respect for environments


    • 3.1 building a sense of autonomy and wellbeing
    • 3.2 explores ways to show care and interact positively with others

    Active learning

    • 4.2 increasing confidence and involvement in learning
    • 4.3 engaging in ways to be imaginative and creative


    • 5.1 explores and expands ways to use language
    • 5.2 explores and engages with literacy in personally meaning ways