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    We are committed to walking with your child through this exciting time of their life as they move towards adulthood.

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    I’m confident in having my kids at Freshwater Christian College because I know that it’s a beautiful environment and because my kids are loved and nurtured and their individuality is respected.

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    Students in years 7-9 are entering their adolescent years. This stage of their life brings with it many challenges as the interests, needs and focus of this age are quite unique. Although they have the energy to burn, creativity to unleash and an excitement at starting to make decisions about adult roles, it can also be a time of heightened emotions as they push towards a greater independence. At the same time, their individual identities and value systems develop. Freshwater’s junior secondary department is structured to specifically meet these needs.

    We are committed to walking with your child through this exciting time of their life. We believe that as they move towards adulthood, structure and boundaries are important along with sound moral and spiritual guidance.


    Our curriculum during Junior Secondary focuses on allowing our students to develop their wider learning through a range of elective subjects according to their passions and interests. Our core subjects are English, Mathematics, Humanities, Japanese, Health and Physical Education, Science and Christian Studies


    We offer our students in Junior Secondary a variety of opportunities and experiences to develop their whole person. Through our sporting teams, chapels, music programs, camps, academic competitions, community outreaches and leadership development programs we create opportunities for students to grow in character and development as they transition into adulthood.

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