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  • FAQ’s about BYOD

    WiFi and Printing

    What about safe internet use?

    Appropriate use of the internet service within the College network is closely monitored by a filtering system which allows for inappropriate content blocking by a regularly updated list of categories and sites. The College already has policies in place such as the Acceptable Use Policy to ensure appropriate use of technology and the internet. Teachers, students and parents share the responsibility to ensure safe and responsible use of devices at all times.

    The College monitors usage at school, but who monitors it at home?

    When off school grounds, parents have full responsibility of monitoring device usage. This includes internet usage.

    Examples of proactive parental device monitoring include:

    • encouraging use in a family room and not in the bedroom
    • restrict device use at certain times of the evening or weekend
    • examine documents and other content on the device
    • the use of cyber smart web filtering tools.

    Because we partner with parents, we will continue to provide opportunities for parents to ensure responsible use of technology at home.

    How can students access the internet from home?

    Home internet connection is not supplied by Freshwater Christian College. There is no mandated expectation that internet access is available at home, however, internet access will become increasingly important. If there is an existing internet provision at home, it is the parents’ choice as to whether the device is connected.

    Cairns and surrounding Councils provide free WiFi access at Public Libraries and throughout Cairns itself. There are also often freely accessible areas elsewhere. Note: the use of public WiFi can sometimes be insecure, so ensure that confidential information, such as banking and important passwords, are not used unless you are sure of the security of the network.

    How will data stored on the hard drive be backed up?

    Students take responsibility for backing up their own data. Data can be saved to the student’s G Suite Drive (preferred) using Google Backup And Sync or Office 365 One Drive. So data should be backed up using ‘cloud’ storage options such as Microsoft Office365 or onto a student-provided external hard drive. Be aware that many students have lost assignments on their USB portable drives because the USB has either been lost them or accidentally damaged. This is not an excuse for non-submission of assessment.

    Where do the devices go when not in use?

    When not in use, the devices should be stored in a LOCKED locker. At a minimum the device should be stored in a sturdy protective case. Lockers are available in Secondary for $5/year (to cover maintenance costs) and the provision of your own lock. Freshwater Christian College is investigating the best forms of storage for our students going into the future. Primary students are expected to leave their devices in their classroom which will be locked whenever the room is not in use.

    What about flat batteries? Will students ‘plug in’ in the classrooms?

    Students are expected to charge the device overnight and to bring it fully charged to school each day. The devices are fitted with a battery that will last the school day, so charging at school is usually not necessary. Freshwater Christian College will provide a location with some power boards for emergency charging, but students must not assume that recharging will be available. Student will not be able to leave their device unattended while charging.

    Please be aware; however, that batteries do wear out over time and manufactures tend to overestimate the life of the battery. A minimum battery life of 6-8 hours is required.

    Maintenance & Technical problems?

    All maintenance of the device is the responsibility of the owner. The College is not responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of a student’s device.

    The College IT Service and Support team can provide assistance with troubleshooting basic problems and connecting student devices to the College Wi-Fi. Please be aware that the College will not be responsible for fixing problems caused by viruses, spyware/malware, data loss and other technical related issues on a BYOD device.

    What will I use if my device is broken?

    The college will have some laptops that can be loaned out to a student on a short-term basis while their device is being repaired or replaced. A job or case number will need to be provided as evidence that a device is being repaired or replaced before a laptop can be loaned out.

    Privacy and Security

    Freshwater Christian College takes our student, staff and community privacy and security seriously. It is only after ensuring that Microsoft and Google meet Australian privacy and child protection standards that we have agreed to use their products. Please see their respective privacy pages for more information.


    Google: https://edu.google.com/intl/en_au/trust/

    What if the device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements?

    Devices that do not meet the minimum requirements will be considered non-compliant.

    A student will not be given any extensions or exceptions if they are unable to do any of the following due to an issue with a non-compliant device:

    • submit an assignment in the format requested by the teacher
    • complete class work
    • utilise the school’s IT services

    Freshwater IT Service and Support staff and teachers will not be required to help with devices that are non-compliant.

    Will the College laptop loan program continue?

    Freshwater Christian College will continue to offer laptops for loaning out into the future.