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    Year 12 Camp

    What a blast it was! It was such a blessing to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the amazing 2016 Freshwater Christian College Year 12 Leadership Camp. I can assure you that we walked away from this camp with such inspiration and better leadership skills.

    Many of us at the camp were placed into teams that were mixed with students from Caloundra Christian College. We were given the privilege of making precious memories over the three day camp with these strangers that we had only just met. It was a challenge. We all were faced with challenges that we had to overcome in order to find success. Challenges that made us push harder than ever, fight our fears, trust our fellow teammates and learn to commit to each other.

    A challenge that I struggled with was the Night Walk.’This was the activity that I gained most from. Team Alpha (students from Caloundra Christian College combined with Freshwater Christian College students) were tested to great heights. Our teamwork, decision-making and leadership were greatly test- ed. We climbed our way to the top of slippery, rocky cliffs, gave each other a helping hand when some- one was slipping away and carried a teammate on a stretcher through these obstacles. We learnt that sometimes we just need to learn to pay attention. We as leaders need to pay attention to others and not just ourselves. I learnt that as a leader of the school, I need to pay attention to the students in our school rather than myself.

    I’m grateful that grade 12 students at Freshwater Christian College were privileged to have the opportunity to experience such an amazing camp. It’s such a life-changing experience and it is loads of fun! Special mention to the Emu Gully Team for their wonderful time and effort and for blessing us with beautiful memories and values that we will cherish always.

    One of our peers, Alex Roberts who is unable to walk due to a disability was so inspirational throughout the camp. He powered through and overcame all of the challenges. For most of the challenges, he was always so keen and determined to do them just like the rest of us. Alex gave it his all! He didn’t allow his physical state to bring him down. The inspiration and commitment was phenomenal and such an example for us all.

    Written by Mary Tuaana and Natalie Tan FCC Year 12 students

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