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We believe that…

All students are created with a purpose.

All student can achieve to the best of their ability with sufficient time and support

We believe in continuous learning for both teachers and students


Our Mission is…

That the Freshwater community would espouse the values and a culture that created HOPE for all families in our College

  • High expectations
  • Overt Christian Values
  • Postitive and caring relationships
  • Empowered

We Value Others…

We have built a community which values the following:

  • Christ likeness
  • Learning
  • Excellence
  • Attitude
  • Respect
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Christian Kindergarten Advantage

Every parent’s desire is that their child is happy and successful — at school and in life. We know that children who get a great start in school have more success throughout their learning and their lives. So what are the Freshwater advantages for your child’s start in their school life?

Our play-based Kindergarten program is specifically designed to prepare students for their entry into Prep within a safe and caring environment in which sound Christian values are part of everyday life

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Primary School

In primary school our foundational target is for students to develop a love of learning with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Primary at Freshwater covers Prep through to Junior and Upper Primary.

We believe in developing your child’s character and academic potential so that they are positioned to be everything they can be within a pastoral and supportive community which cares for your child’s whole person.

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Junior Secondary

Adolescence is a distinct developmental phase requiring a unique response. Students in years 7-9 have particular interests, needs and focuses that are different from those of young children or older adolescents. High School students identify strongly with their peers and experience heightened emotions, progressively seek greater independence and develop their individual identities and value systems. Intellectually they have a growing capacity for reflective and abstract thinking and begin to make decisions about adult roles.


Senior Secondary

The Senior years are a time of growing in character and learning and at Freshwater we provide support students need as they near graduation.

We encourage our Senior’s to take an active role in setting the culture of our College as they take on a leadership role for the younger grades.

We offer a range of subjects and learning pathways to prepare our Seniors for their next step post School.

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